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Adults, Women and Children

PrimeCare of Novi has family physicians ready to diagnose acute illness and provide preventive care for adults of all ages. One of the important ways in which we do this is by electronically tracking the items for which an individual is due.

This is much more sophisticated than saying simply that a female around 40 years of age needs a yearly pap smear and mammogram. Our electronic support takes into account what medications, illnesses, risk factors are present as well. We can then more clearly focus on the preventative health that patients expect their doctors in Novi to provide, but which all too commonly gets lost in other practices, in the urgency of the moment when an acute illness strikes. This includes yearly physical exams, providing care for chronic problems such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, depression, anxiety, thyroid diseases, and obesity management.

We are well-established in the community and are familiar with the local novi physicians and facilities. This enables our staff to coordinate care with multiple specialists and agencies.

As family physicians, the doctors at PrimeCare of Novi are well trained to administer to the health needs of women and children. This includes newborn care, well child visits, administration of immunizations, and sick child encounters.

In addition, they provide all aspects of women's health care, excluding obstetrics. This includes administering complete physical exams, including pap smears, colposcopy, endometrial biopsy, IUD placement, addressing hormonal status and menstrual abnormalities as well as taking care of problems specific to the female body. Dr. Shively and Dr. Zaid have extensive training in Women's Health and Carol Felcher, PA-C has been in the primary care field for 25 year

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