Medical Lectures Presented
Lectures presented

Breast Cancer 2/17/2010

Large Bowel Obstruction 11/30/05
Prostate Cancer 11/16/05
Diverticulitis 10/26/05
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation 10/03/05
Diabetic Ketoacidosis 6/8/2004
Case Review 3/9/2004
Myasthenia Gravis 2/19/2004

Michigan State Recruiting

Case Presentations

2/17/2006  49-year-old Caucasion female who complains of worsening dyspnea in the past few days

2/19/2006  33 y/o aa male who presents with new onset dyspnea

2/20/2006  78 y/o caucasion male who presents w mid-epigastric pain for the past two months

2/24/2006  59 year old caucasion female brought in after falling down 13 stairs that morning

3/03/2006  55 y/o caucasion male who presents with right-sided weakness that started last night

4/17/2007 55 y/o caucasion female who presents with fatigue and 45 lb weight gain

Generic presentation 9/13/2005